Advantages of Online Tech Support Business

          In today’s business surroundings, all online tech support organizations, from inexpensive to expansive, should be mindful of the favorable circumstances or impediments that outsourcing their specialized bolster may convey to their business. At the point when thoroughly considering their choices, they ought to be mindful of the sorts of issues they can expect will be comprehended and what may be included in the different situations they may confront. The next may help in that procedure.

Consider The Cost of online technical support

Outsourcing implies that you procure another organization to deal with the HR you have to handle your bolster, including enlisting, preparing and giving the workplace space and gear the bolster reps require, alongside everything else that accompanies giving great specialized backing. In spite of the fact that there is some cost in working with a online pc technical support outsource organization that lives in another nation, the expense of working together through VOIP and other electronic means is insignificant when contrasted with what it would cost you to handle it in-house.

Keeping up Customer Closeness

One concern you may have is whether you will have the capacity to remain nearby to your clients. No doubt outsourcing avoids you as much as possible from them, yet that doesn’t need to be. A decent pc tech support outsourcing organization will furnish you with direct client input so you can keep up your capacity to screen each circumstance, and you will know quickly if your outsourcing staff is keeping your clients glad or provide online chat pc support help to them. Furthermore, you will doubtlessly keep up an in-house bolster group that will keep on interfacing with your clients also, giving you a full scope of choices to utilize when determining the status of them, and keeping tabs with your clients.

Looking after Control

A few tech support organizations that would be in an ideal situation to utilize the administrations of an outsource online tech support organization decline to do as such on the grounds that they are anxious they will lose control of the nature of their bolster group. In any case, the best outsource organizations will keep up your quality control precisely as you require without trading off quality. Trustworthy outsource organizations keep extensive records of their connection with your clients and give precise reports to assist you with keeping up quality control over all parts of your emotionally supportive network.

Outsource Support Knowledge and Training

How proficient is your bolster staff? What’s more, to what extent did it take them to learn all that they have to know? A decent outsourcing bolster group is as of now prepared and has the experience to start working with your security support issues promptly. They by and large won’t require an information base to see most Support situations on the grounds that their hands-on experience, preparing and specialized learning are as a rule, enough to handle the hardest circumstances.

The Extra Mile

In addition, when things don’t go their direction, they can take to Twitter and their grievance is known far and wide. Possibly this does not appear to be reasonable to you or to your bolster staff, yet you will need to manage it since it is not going endlessly. How does an outsourced bolster staff handle that sort of client response? A decent prepared and expert outsourced staff can deal with these sorts of occurrences by being proactive from the earliest starting point and keep up a decent affinity with every client so your clients feel exceptional and tended to. It’s an essential element in figuring out what sort of outsourced staff you need.

How to Check if Your Wi-Fi Network Router is Hacked ?

These days Wi-Fi routers are widely used as it helps us to connect our laptop, computer, smart-phone, etc to the internet without using any wires. With the help of Wi-Fi, we can use more than one device at the same time. As the advantages of Wi-Fi router are many, there are chances of getting it hacked or used by your neighbour or someone. Here are some of the important tips to check if someone is using your Wi-Fi.

Check the Indicator Light Buttons: Your router has indicator lights that keep on blinking when your devices are connected to the router. To check if someone is using your Wi-Fi, you need to shutdown all the devices. After shutting down all the devices if any of the indicator lights still blinks then it means your Wi-Fi is used by someone. It is one of the easiest ways to check if your Wi-Fi is hacked.

Look for the List of Connected Devices: Finding the list of connected devices will be little harder. You need to look for a link or something named like ‘attached devices,’ ‘connected devices’ or ‘DHCP clients.’ In some of the routers, you can find connected devices link under ‘Status’ > ‘wireless’. In most of the ‘Linksys’ routers, the connected devices can be found under status > local network > DHCP clients table.

Wi-Fi Running Slow: If your Wi-Fi has started running slow lately than there is a possibility that someone is using your Wi-Fi internet.

The above points are the some of the major methods to check if someone is using your Wi-Fi. There are plenty of other methods and ways to protect your Wi-Fi from getting hacked.

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How to Safeguard Your Computer from Virus Attack

Is the slow speed of your PC bothering you? Is your PC taking too much time while starting up? Do you notice adds and pop ups continuously appearing in your window? Do you think twice before downloading your favorite videos and songs? Do you observe others posting updates on your behalf without your knowledge on your Facebook or Twitter account? Many people at some point of time might be facing these problems and the reason behind all these problems can be virus attack.

What is virus attack?

Viruses are malicious programs which spread on their own to affect the smooth functioning of your PC. Viruses can enter into your PC when you click on a corrupted file, download any corrupted attachment or content or visit distrusted websites.

Malware, trojans, adware, key loggers, bugs, spyware and worms etc are this kind of malicious programs which enter and run into your PC without seeking your permission.

Virus can corrupt your important data and can also give access of your personal information to hackers.

Ways to protect your computer from virus attack

  • Install a good antivirus and update it regularly

You should always install a good and updated antivirus. Everyday a new virus comes up, so, make it a habit to run antivirus regularly and make sure to update it at least twice a week.

  • Scan your USB drive and other external drive before using

Scan your system regularly to detect and remove virus. In case you are using an external hard drive make sure to run a virus scan of the device before you use it.

  • Download files from trusted websites

Avoid downloading files and programs from distrusted chat sessions as most of the users get viruses from such sources. Make sure that you download data from trusted websites.

  • Don’t open any unnecessary pop up appearing on the window

Pop ups popping up on your windows may be the possible source of virus. Therefore avoid clicking on the pop ups that seem to be unnecessary and irrelevant. Also, makes sure to delete the program from the control panel which you find is a source for these unwanted popups.

  • Seek trusted technical support service for virus removal

Even after implementing all the necessary procedures to avoid any virus attack there are possibilities that your system gets infected. It does not matter how many times you have performed scanning of your system, it becomes difficult to find out the cause of the problem. That is the situation when you should look for a trusted technical support. Either visit a trusted store or opt for a reliable online technical support at the comfort of your home.

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Why We Need Firewall For Computer Security?

Either you bank, surf or shop online, your computers are prone to malicious software, adware, spyware which may cause identity theft, data theft etc. Hence, we need to bubble rap our computer with different security measures.

Firewall is one of such security measures which are very important for computer security. It is a software program that works as a barrier or shield between your PC and cyberspace. When you use internet, you constantly send or receive information in the form of small units called packets. Firewall checks these packets to see if they fulfill certain criterion set by a series of instructions and in turn blocks or allows the data. In this way hackers are not able to get inside your computer and steal information like bank account details or password.

Basic firewall support that comes with Windows XP checks the incoming traffic only. This is not enough for security as outgoing traffic containing your credit card information, social security no. and Bank account no. etc. is not protected. A good firewall monitors the traffic in both directions which means your incoming and outgoing data is safe. Apart from stopping unauthorized access it makes your PC invisible in case you are online.

Good firewall has a feature that continuously updates the known malicious applications. In this way the security issues related to internet access is minimized and your computer
protection is enhanced.

Although a firewall provides extra protection to keep your computer away from unauthorized access, it is not able to remove malware/virus/trojans from an already affected PC. So a firewall must be used in parallel with an antivirus software to boost your PC`s resistance against any attacks.

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Tips to Make Windows 7 Run Properly

As the no. of windows 7 users is increasing the no. of issues that users face related to this operating system is also growing up. Although this operating system is more reliable and stable as compared to previous versions Windows Vista but at some point of time Windows 7 users all around the world face some common technical issues. Novice users who don’t have so much of technical knowledge generally find it difficult to handle these issues and feel very helpless to get out of these situations. For those novice users this article will prove great help in troubleshooting issues in Windows 7.

Below are some measures to keep your Windows running properly

Implement software updates

Make sure that you are updating your software with regular updates. Regular updation of your software with latest features will help in smooth running of software programs and reduces security issues.

Perform regular scanning

To protect your computer from virus and spyware you should perform a full scan of system. Delete all those files which you feel are infected. Ensure that your Windows 7 is equipped with latest antivirus and security updates.

Delete unnecessary registry files

All the computer activities are stored as registry in database. Presence of unnecessary registry files can hamper your computer performance. Installing a registry cleaner will help as it detect the old fashioned and unnecessary registry files and delete them automatically. You can also use registry cleaner by EazePro.

Delete useless icons

Presence of useless icons may be another reason behind the slow boot up process. Delete the unnecessary short-cut icons or create a folder to store them.

Increase Windows 7 RAM

Your computer needs a particular amount of memory to run applications. Make sure that you have sufficient memory for the system to work properly. Upgrade your RAM memory or make some space by deleting some files.

Uninstall hardware or software

Uninstall those software and hardware which are contradictory and makes your system to boot up slowly. Upgrade software to avoid contradiction issues. You can use Startup Manager by EazePro( to find and delete the programs that are running behind and causing slow startup of your computer.

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Computer Showing Black Screen

Nowadays Computer is a common machine which finds its utility in almost every sphere of life. It does not matter how new or advanced PC you have, at some point of time user experiences issues regarding the proper operation of computer. One such problem is PC showing black screen. The following article will cover the steps that you should take to get out of this situation.

If your PC boots up and comes up with a login screen for the operating system like Windows or MacOS but after selecting the user profile or on entering the password the screen goes black or blank then there may be a problem with operating system. It might happen that a system file is corrupted therby preventing the operating system to load properly and results in black or blank screen.

Restart the computer if it is a temporary issue and resolves with a reboot. If the problem remains as it is then you need to repair and restore the operating system through a recovery console which you can get with the operating system installation disc.

Check Brightness Level and Power Setting

If you find that the picture is partially visible then the reason behind black screen is that you have set the brightness low or power setting are adjusted to decrease the brightness. Ensure that your PC is not in a power saving settings by plugging the laptop on to the wall. Increase the brightness of your laptop to make sure that the it is not the reason behind such issue.

Use External Display

Make sure that the issue is not with laptop graphic card. You can check it by connecting a monitor or other display to the laptop. If the external display is working properly then the issue is your laptop display.

In case the external monitor is not working then the issue might be the internal graphic card or cable. You need to replace the graphic card or motherboard.

Hardware Issue

If the above steps does not work then the reason for black or blank screen may be the hardware issue.

Below is the list of hardware issue related to black screen

1. Loose or disconnected cable

2. Non functioning LCD power inverter

3. Poor CCFL or backlight

4. Poor LCD

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Laptop Overheating

Laptop processor overheating might the other reason for shut down of your system automatically. Overheating might due to the presence of dust or dire build up on the fan. You can use canned air to blow the dust and dirt so that the laptop can expel heat easily.

Tips to Keep Automatic And Frequent Computer Shut Down at Bay

It would not be irrational if I say that this is­ the age of computer. The world of computers is changing so speedily that it becomes quite tough for the users to stay updated with each and every update or the issues that may come up while using the computers. There may be endless issues that users may face. To talk about the issue of automatic and frequent shut downs, it may cause further damage to your computer. To mention a few:

  • Loss of your crucial data

  • Permanent damage to the motherboard of your PC

  • Delayed work process etc.

There might be many reasons for such automatic shut down, however, to mention a few:

  • Incompatible software or hardware
  • Improper installation of software or hardware
  • Presence of malicious software like malware, adware, viruses etc.
  • Low disc space
  • Increased CPU temperature etc.

The following tips may help you in avoiding the unwanted shut downs:

  • Make sure that the hardware or software are properly installed or configured in your system
  • Make sure that an antivirus is installed
  • Make sure that the antivirus is updated well on time
  • Make sure that you have enough RAM memory according to the size of the hard disc and the processor that you are using. You may use software like EazePro to maintain the disk space and faster PC speed.
  • Make sure that the fan of your PC is working properly. Clean it and keep it away from any dust or fluff. If you observe that the fan is not enough to cool down your CPU then use a table fan.
  • Run your system in safe mode to find out whether the problem is due to externally installed software or in the default program. Reboot your PC and press F8 button to operate your PC in safe mode.

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