Tips to Make Windows 7 Run Properly

As the no. of windows 7 users is increasing the no. of issues that users face related to this operating system is also growing up. Although this operating system is more reliable and stable as compared to previous versions Windows Vista but at some point of time Windows 7 users all around the world face some common technical issues. Novice users who don’t have so much of technical knowledge generally find it difficult to handle these issues and feel very helpless to get out of these situations. For those novice users this article will prove great help in troubleshooting issues in Windows 7.

Below are some measures to keep your Windows running properly

Implement software updates

Make sure that you are updating your software with regular updates. Regular updation of your software with latest features will help in smooth running of software programs and reduces security issues.

Perform regular scanning

To protect your computer from virus and spyware you should perform a full scan of system. Delete all those files which you feel are infected. Ensure that your Windows 7 is equipped with latest antivirus and security updates.

Delete unnecessary registry files

All the computer activities are stored as registry in database. Presence of unnecessary registry files can hamper your computer performance. Installing a registry cleaner will help as it detect the old fashioned and unnecessary registry files and delete them automatically. You can also use registry cleaner by EazePro.

Delete useless icons

Presence of useless icons may be another reason behind the slow boot up process. Delete the unnecessary short-cut icons or create a folder to store them.

Increase Windows 7 RAM

Your computer needs a particular amount of memory to run applications. Make sure that you have sufficient memory for the system to work properly. Upgrade your RAM memory or make some space by deleting some files.

Uninstall hardware or software

Uninstall those software and hardware which are contradictory and makes your system to boot up slowly. Upgrade software to avoid contradiction issues. You can use Startup Manager by EazePro( to find and delete the programs that are running behind and causing slow startup of your computer.

In case any of the steps shown above does not work. You can take help of experts like Live PC Expert via 24X7 Live Chat or via Email support: or via Toll Free UK: 1855-631-4215 USA: 1800-208-0798. Live PC Expert provides technical support for all software issues related to PC, laptop and peripherals. For more information about that you can visit at


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