Why We Need Firewall For Computer Security?

Either you bank, surf or shop online, your computers are prone to malicious software, adware, spyware which may cause identity theft, data theft etc. Hence, we need to bubble rap our computer with different security measures.

Firewall is one of such security measures which are very important for computer security. It is a software program that works as a barrier or shield between your PC and cyberspace. When you use internet, you constantly send or receive information in the form of small units called packets. Firewall checks these packets to see if they fulfill certain criterion set by a series of instructions and in turn blocks or allows the data. In this way hackers are not able to get inside your computer and steal information like bank account details or password.

Basic firewall support that comes with Windows XP checks the incoming traffic only. This is not enough for security as outgoing traffic containing your credit card information, social security no. and Bank account no. etc. is not protected. A good firewall monitors the traffic in both directions which means your incoming and outgoing data is safe. Apart from stopping unauthorized access it makes your PC invisible in case you are online.

Good firewall has a feature that continuously updates the known malicious applications. In this way the security issues related to internet access is minimized and your computer
protection is enhanced.

Although a firewall provides extra protection to keep your computer away from unauthorized access, it is not able to remove malware/virus/trojans from an already affected PC. So a firewall must be used in parallel with an antivirus software to boost your PC`s resistance against any attacks.

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