How to Safeguard Your Computer from Virus Attack

Is the slow speed of your PC bothering you? Is your PC taking too much time while starting up? Do you notice adds and pop ups continuously appearing in your window? Do you think twice before downloading your favorite videos and songs? Do you observe others posting updates on your behalf without your knowledge on your Facebook or Twitter account? Many people at some point of time might be facing these problems and the reason behind all these problems can be virus attack.

What is virus attack?

Viruses are malicious programs which spread on their own to affect the smooth functioning of your PC. Viruses can enter into your PC when you click on a corrupted file, download any corrupted attachment or content or visit distrusted websites.

Malware, trojans, adware, key loggers, bugs, spyware and worms etc are this kind of malicious programs which enter and run into your PC without seeking your permission.

Virus can corrupt your important data and can also give access of your personal information to hackers.

Ways to protect your computer from virus attack

  • Install a good antivirus and update it regularly

You should always install a good and updated antivirus. Everyday a new virus comes up, so, make it a habit to run antivirus regularly and make sure to update it at least twice a week.

  • Scan your USB drive and other external drive before using

Scan your system regularly to detect and remove virus. In case you are using an external hard drive make sure to run a virus scan of the device before you use it.

  • Download files from trusted websites

Avoid downloading files and programs from distrusted chat sessions as most of the users get viruses from such sources. Make sure that you download data from trusted websites.

  • Don’t open any unnecessary pop up appearing on the window

Pop ups popping up on your windows may be the possible source of virus. Therefore avoid clicking on the pop ups that seem to be unnecessary and irrelevant. Also, makes sure to delete the program from the control panel which you find is a source for these unwanted popups.

  • Seek trusted technical support service for virus removal

Even after implementing all the necessary procedures to avoid any virus attack there are possibilities that your system gets infected. It does not matter how many times you have performed scanning of your system, it becomes difficult to find out the cause of the problem. That is the situation when you should look for a trusted technical support. Either visit a trusted store or opt for a reliable online technical support at the comfort of your home.

Live PC Expert is such a trusted name in online technical support. The business is BBB accredited. You can contact Live PC Expert for any type of software issues in your computer, laptop or peripheral via 24X7 Live Chat or via Email support: or via Toll Free UK: 1855-631-4215 USA: 1800-208-0798


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