How to Check if Your Wi-Fi Network Router is Hacked ?

These days Wi-Fi routers are widely used as it helps us to connect our laptop, computer, smart-phone, etc to the internet without using any wires. With the help of Wi-Fi, we can use more than one device at the same time. As the advantages of Wi-Fi router are many, there are chances of getting it hacked or used by your neighbour or someone. Here are some of the important tips to check if someone is using your Wi-Fi.

Check the Indicator Light Buttons: Your router has indicator lights that keep on blinking when your devices are connected to the router. To check if someone is using your Wi-Fi, you need to shutdown all the devices. After shutting down all the devices if any of the indicator lights still blinks then it means your Wi-Fi is used by someone. It is one of the easiest ways to check if your Wi-Fi is hacked.

Look for the List of Connected Devices: Finding the list of connected devices will be little harder. You need to look for a link or something named like ‘attached devices,’ ‘connected devices’ or ‘DHCP clients.’ In some of the routers, you can find connected devices link under ‘Status’ > ‘wireless’. In most of the ‘Linksys’ routers, the connected devices can be found under status > local network > DHCP clients table.

Wi-Fi Running Slow: If your Wi-Fi has started running slow lately than there is a possibility that someone is using your Wi-Fi internet.

The above points are the some of the major methods to check if someone is using your Wi-Fi. There are plenty of other methods and ways to protect your Wi-Fi from getting hacked.

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