About Us

Live PC Expert, reckoned as the one-stop-shop for all sorts of PC solutions, was founded with an objective of catering top quality, authentic and affordable technical assistance to customers belonging to different walks of life. Within a very short passage of time Live PC Expert expanded horizon of its top-notch services to meet ever-changing needs of customers. Today we cater to a number of clients based in US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Live PC Expert’s approach to clients is pretty different from what others have. We offer you work that is highly reliable and serves you for a long-term. We believe in making things simple for you, sharing all the burden of PC snags on our shoulders. Also, we ensure you bear no cost of calling and interacting with us. Every communication with us is free. Whether it is rendering support via e-mail or phone; we ensure you receive every solution under single roof. We at Live PC Expert use the latest available technology and resources to provide you the solutions that are truly “effective”.

Even as our team constantly works on new and innovative ideas, we strive to make your session with computer tension-free – moment when you don’t have to worry about slow processing, crippled operating system, threats from virus and malware, inconsistent network connection, updating any hardware or software component or any other kind of issue.

Live PC Expert provides a comprehensive suite of IT support services inclusive of PC optimisation and fortifying computer networking. Our services are backed by an excellent team of professionals, who are available 24X7 for your services. We’ve assisted hundreds of small businesses to boost their companies and achieve their market objectives. We have also reached several residential and educational customers.

We customise our services for clients as per their requirements and nature of problem. We don’t generalise the treatment of problems as we know every case is different and requires an altogether different take. Ultimately, we at Live PC Expert seek to have a long-term tech support partnership with you. We assure you of sorting out all your tech problems promptly and effectively.


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