Check Your PC

Are you confident that your PC is in its best condition? You may be satisfied with computer’s performance but certainly not 100% confident of its health. So how do you determine that? Can a simple antivirus or brittle security network reduce the risks? Well, we at Live PC Expert have all the answers. Live PC Expert is one of the most reliable IT support service providers. And we cater to you IT support solutions that are not only affordable but highly effective too.

Live PC Expert, a company driven by high-level of values, ensures its customers/clients enjoy maximum transparency in our services. And unlike others, we are certainly not after your money. We aim to give you effective and true IT support services; making profits at cost of quality is certainly not our cup of tea.

Here are few steps which should be done regulary to improve system performance:

Clean Files:
Computer user should delete all trash,temp files and unused softwares regularly.This should be done under proper guidence otherwise deltion of any important file may lead to “no boot” situation.This activity may fix some shutdown,nd dowload issues.

Unused Programs:
One should remove the programs installed on a computer which are used rarely. There are many programs installed on a computer and thus they take up space on the hard disk. These programs are to be removed properly so that its left over files don’t create a problem in computer’s working.

Disabling start-up items decreases computers boot up time. There are many non-essential items which load up during start up of windows. These changes if made incorrectly may severely effect your system start-up.

Temp Folder:
Temp folder saves all the temporary files required by a program or the computer system. These files take up memory and thus it is recommended to remove all the obsolete temporary data stored on this folder.

Disk De-Fragmentation:
Disk De-fragmentation is a process of arranging all the fragmented files stored on a disk. This process reduces the time which a computer takes to read from disk and write to the disk. Disk De-fragmentation should be scheduled for once a month.

Scan for Viruses:
Use Anti-Virus to check the system regularly.The Anti Virus should be updated on regular basis if it is not auto updated. It is recomnded that every month the system should be throughly checked for viruses.

No Anti Virus program will find all viruses but some do better job than others.

Live PC Expert aims to provide you a better and speedy system. We provide all kind of IT support services at single platform. Live PC Expert appoints a dedicated expert to help and guide you with the all technical support for all kinds problems related to software apps, Internet or any hardware. Live PC Expert ensures you use maximum of your computer!


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