Parent Control

Parental Control, Live PC ExpertParental control allows you to impose restriction on computer use. This also helps you to keep an eye on the usage of Internet. This feature is especially helpful to supervise computer or Internet use by teenagers or young children and to prevent them from:

  •     Surfing illegal content
  •     Inappropriate content
  •     Obscene content
  •     Negative or racial content
  •     Sharing personal information to scam offers etc.

Parental Control
Live PC Expert is the best one to provide complete security solutions in the market. We offer one of the best online technical support for all PCs 24×7, 365 days a year. Now you need not worry about the usage of Internet by your kids as Live PC Expert’s parental control feature sets limitations on time in your PC which prevents children spending long time in front of PC along with restricting their access to inappropriate web content. And what’s best is that we provide Parental control Bar FREE of cost*(*Conditions applied)

So no more worries for incompatible or related software application issues.

Contact Live PC Expert to get cost effective & expert tech support and solutions for your Parental control set up and usage, at your convenient time. We are available 24×7, 365 days a year.

You can reach us by any of the below options.

  •     Toll Free Number
  •     Calling Card
  •     Live Chat

Keeping all this in mind Live PC Expert offers “Parental control feature” which you should always enable in your PC to avoid wrong use of Internet.

The Parental control feature offered by Live PC Expert always helps you with the following:

  •     Complete security while sharing personal data on Internet.
  •     Controlled use of various social networking sites
  •     Helps to always keep an eye on what is being downloaded on the PC
  •     Helps restrict unwanted or inappropriate downloads.

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